What's a Snow Cutter?

  • Quite possibly the easiest and most effective way to remove snow from your roof
  • Built with lightweight aircraft grade alloy and plastics
  • Trusted by contractors and home owners for over 20 years

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The Snow Cutter saves time. The exclusive cutting wire is the key to clearing a roof in less than half the time than a roof rake or other methods. Deep snow is divided into manageable layers that pull off smoothly without piling up. The cutting wire reduces friction between the roof and snow, so the snow slides off with a light pull.

It's safer. There is no need to climb up on the roof. With the Phillips Snow Cutter you can clear snow away safely from the ground.

It protects the roof. In freezing temperatures roof shingles become brittle and crack easily. Repetitive scraping by a roof rake or standing on a roof and removing snow with a shovel can do severe damage. The Phillips Snow Cutter glides over shingles on sturdy plastic rollers, effectively removing snow while minimizing damage to the roof.

Just a few of our many testimonials

I like how simply it went together and, more importantly, how easy it was to use and how much strain it removed from my back. Just as a test, I tried a small section of snow without cutting it first, and there was a MAJOR difference between cutting it and not cutting it. With the help of your tool, I won't have to worry about losing another insurance claim for loss roofs. Great idea, great implementation.

Thank you. - Edward, Spokane, WA

The Snow Cutter worked as expected and wanted to thank you very much. I have 16" of very HEAVY snow on my roof and I'm amazed how safe the Snow Cutter makes it for me to remove the snow.

Once again thank you! - Rich

What a pleasure to buy something and have it work "as seen on tv" (or the internet).

My Snow Cutter arrived and went right to work. And to top it all off, it worked exactly as you claimed. I'm very pleased with my purchase and my roof is relieved from a large burden of snow.

This thing is NEAT !!!!!

Thanks. - Tom, Gilford, NH

We ordered a Snow Cutter on Jan. 8th and have used it several times, it is wonderful. Our neighbor used it to clear off his roof and told me to get one for him. I have placed another order for a snow cutter through PayPal today.

Thank you. - Mary

The Snow Cutter came in the mail just as I got home. I assembled it, checked it out with the assembly video and immeidately put it to use.

I love it - it took me a couple times to get the rythmn and flow and once I shortened up my distance, it cut like butter.

- Comment submitted from website

Just wanted to say you have another satisfied customer in the Dietrich's! (The mailman even mentioned someone else in the neighborhood purchased one a week or so before we did).

Thanks again for a great product and I have been giving your website to some of my friends and co-workers so I hope you get a lot more orders. Take care.

Best Regards. - Elaine, North Huntingdon, PA

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Phillips Snow Cutter Package: $133.95

  • Includes the Phillips Snow Cutter head and three aluminum 5 ft. extension poles.

  • Phillips Snow Cutter Head: $87.95

  • Fits most ball-locking aluminum extension poles

  • 5 ft. Extension Poles: $18.95

  • We recommend using a maximum of 4 poles.

  • Replacement Cutting Wire for a Standard or Metal Roof: $9.95

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