Product Detail:

The Snow Cutter is a big tool that makes quick work of large jobs (27" wide and almost 18" high) and it is extremely light at 2.25 pounds. This is accomplished through smart design and extensive use of aluminum alloys.

  • The aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame keeps all the components together
  • The temperature-resistant and extremely tough polypropylene blade is firmly secured to the frame with stanless steel rivets. The four large holes in the blade help keep the Snow Cutter from sliding sideways while working
  • The aircraft grade structural aluminum cutting arms firmly secure the cutting wire and plastic rollers to cut through tough crusts and snow. One detail that is difficult to notice in the pictures: the cutting arms are machined to an edge to help cut through tough snow easily
  • The sturdy aluminum neck is secured to the frame and goes through the blade to firmly connect the Snow Cutter to the extension poles

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